The Painted Nativity Scene

The Work of Painter Mario Carotenuto | Old Town Salerno

Visita il Presepe Dipinto da Mario Carotenuto

Presepe di Mario Carotenuto

In the distant 15 December 1982, when the old town of Salerno was still severely marked by the terrible earthquake of 1980, simple wooden tables were transformed into shapes.

The silhouettes were hand painted, one to one, by the master painter Mario Carotenuto, giving life to what would later become famous with the name of Carotenuto Nativity Scene.

Don Giovanni Toriello, parish priest of the Cathedral of Salerno, asked to create a crib that would give confidence and hope.

Professor Peppe Natella and the Maestro Carotenuto put on stage, because this is what we talk about, a unique and unforgettable work: The Painted Nativity.

Presepe di Carotenuto Alfonso Gatto

The work, not represents only the nativity scene, but depicts characters actually existing in Salerno, including the same Mario Carotenuto, Peppe Natella.

To rapresent the sense of the family, Carotenuto wanted to portray Mrs Adriana and her daughter Rossella, wife and daughter of Peppe Natella.

Mrs Adriana and Rossella are today engaged to work in the old town to the Nativity Museum in Salerno.

Carotenuto over the years has added to the original characters, new figures, such as the writer and poet Alfonso Gatto.

The work, required in various exhibitions and events, can be visited throughout the year, and is now a landmark in the historic center of the city for local citizens and tourists.

Mario Carotenuto Il Presepe Dipinto 1982-2017

Copertina Libro Mario Carotenuto il Presepe Dipinto

The book (only in italian) MARIO CAROTENUTO The Nativity Painting 1982-2017 made by La Bottega San Lazzaro on the occasion of the 35th anniversary of the work and in memory of Peppe Natella.

You can buy the book at the Nativity Museum in Salerno.

Il Presepe Dipinto a Salerno | Where we are?

Libro Mario Carotenuto: il Presepe Dipinto

Mario Carotenuto il Presepe Dipinto


Mario Carotenuto Il Presepe Dipinto 1982-2017


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Il Prepe Dipinto di Carotenuto a Salerno

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