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History of the monumental Naivity Scene | Old Town Salerno|

Museo del Presepe a Salerno

Esoteric Trip in the Neapolitan Traditional Nativity Scene

Are you ready to immerse yourself in a journey through the history, legends and popular traditions of the Neapolitan Nativity? Visit the Peppe Natella Nativity Museum.

Museo del Presepe a Salerno Peppe Natella

We’ll accompany you in a fascinating world of figures, symbols and characters hand made, each with its characteristics and its typicality, to discover the meaning of every little detail, the legend, the story or the rumors that every “nativity pastor” hides.

An itinerary that winds through time and into the depths of the soul, the typical Neapolitan crib is in fact the manifestation of an ancient rite, a journey in which you will be spectators but at the same time you will begin to be part of it.

Most often linked to the Nativity, do not miss this fascinating universe full of passion and magic, religion and popular culture, art and traditions.

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