Made in Campania: Cimitile and the Pasta Factory Tour

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Made in Campania Tour Pasta

Duration: 8h00min
Difficulty: Easy
Period: 03 Jan- 30 Dec
Places: Nola | Cimitile | Pasta Factory
Lunch: Included


The origins of pasta are very old, this in its most simple and primordial in different parts of the Eurasian continent, from ancient times, in which develops in parallel and independent, detached and diverse without each would influence or the condizionassero other, from the valleys of Chinese in the Far East, the Mediterranean areas of the Italian peninsula, and particularly in this area took a rapid and extensive development gourmet and traditional last intact until the present time, in fact it was already widely known to the times of Ancient Greece.
Besides the story behind each recipe, there is a process of manual work has been replaced by the automated processing, in the seventeenth century, with the introduction of the printing press and the passage of the dough in bronze dies. And it is this traditional passage, reproduced in our laboratory, which gives the pasta that surface very rough to the touch, that unmistakable roughness / porosity which allows the sauce to bind perfectly to it. The next step is drying, a particularly delicate stage, for the most part responsible for the final quality of the homemade pasta, recognizable at first taste. In this Tour we’ll show you how the drying of Pasta still happens still looms in “closets” static, slowly and at very low temperatures (max 45 ° C). The lower the temperature, the longer the drying period and, better are favored those fermentation processes which give rise, among other substances, such organic acids (in particular lactic acid) and aromatic compounds. Careful processing, almost a ritual: the final product will retain and exalt the flavors of wheat, the raw material of our work, chosen with passion and competence. Tour end with a Lunch / Pasta Taste.


09:30 h    Meeting with the driver and departure for the pasta factory situated on the slopes of Vesuvius and the beginning of the Guided Tour inside the pasta factory to discover the processes of pulp production, with the tradition of the ancient Neapolitan pasta makers, using only the traditional bronze dies. This pasta factory processing takes place slowly and with the same patience of the master pasta makers depicted in old prints of ‘900, who left to air dry and the street their pasta.

h 13:30     Transfer to the “Pasta Bar” in Nola and Lunch with tasting of pasta.

h 15:30    Departure forward the characteristic Nola, to meet the guide who will accompany you on a journey through the history of medieval town of Nola and the Cimitile, which formerly housed a temple of Hercules and, after having been part of the Duchy of Naples, became a place of worship and pilgrimage among the most important of the Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages.

h 17:00 ca    End of Tour

This Tour is operated in partnership withLogo Chef Luigi Tour


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