Time to Learn: Vietri Ceramics Workshop

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Ceramiche Vietri sul Mare

Name: Vietri Ceramic Workshop
 2 hours
Difficulty: Easy
Period: 03 Jan – 30 Dec
Places: Cava de’ Tirreni 
Stay: Not Included
Lunch: Not Included


Our Vietri Ceramic Workshop will travel through the ancient art of creating and processing of ceramics, and you will be introduced to the magical world of the creations of the ceramic of Vietri sul Mare.
The pottery has been known since prehistoric times while the first artifacts take us back to the Neolithic, and consist of pottery cooked directly over the fire.
Subsequently the art saw the introduction of the lathe, which allowed to obtain easily and graceful objects of perfect symmetry with respect to the axis of rotation.
Over the years its pottery conquest always improvements in quality and designs, with the introduction of painted pottery, which was exported from Anatolia to Europe around the third millennium BC, while the introduction of glass painting, in I use from the second millennium BC in Mesopotamia, further improved wear resistance and appearance.

In our laboratory you can get close to the magical world of ceramics and realize your dream thanks to the centuries-old knowledge of this art entrusted to the family Solimene that, for four generations, dedicates his life to this ancient tradition.

Vietri Ceramic Workshop take place every day, from Monday to Friday, from 03.30 pm to 06.30 pm.

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10:00am /03:00pm In the afternoon meeting with your ceramics artisan Pierfrancesco, breafing and start of your interesting Vietri Ceramics Workshop.

In three long hours you discover the important phases of ceramics art, decorating an object terracotta tiles (flat wall 30 cm or tile 30 × 30 cm) made available by the laboratory, with the ancient technique of majolica, learning how.
The object that you realize you can collect it at the lab after cooking or you will receive it by mail to the address you want in Italy. You do not need any tool or apron … it will put everything at your disposal.

After Vietri Ceramic Workshop, the piece of local crafts that you have created in real vietri ceramics will be tributed and delivered within 48 hours. Good job!

12:00am /05:00pm    End of your Vietri Ceramic Workshop


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